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Fossil fuel According to the General Energy Statistics of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, domestic supply structure of the primary energy of Japan of 0 fiscal, coal., Oil., LNG (liquefied natural gas). In,. The was dependent on the fossil fuel. Japan is originally resource-poor country, experienced the 0's twice of the oil shock, has been promoting the dispersion of the energy source and will aim at the society that does not rely too much on fossil fuels. Became its pillar is the promotion of nuclear power generation, processing and remove the plutonium from the spent fuel of nuclear power plants, the Pu-thermal plan to use as an alternative to the uranium fuel, aims to effectively utilize the quasi-domestic energy] which was. However, stop all of the nuclear power plant in Japan is operated in the wake of the 2.0 years of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Stricter and of examination standards, for reasons such as local opposition, nuclear power plant, which was re-activated at the time of the year October day that has passed through a year and a half is not only a nuclear power plant based on.

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