Fossil fuel

Awareness and tense Middle East Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry ...

Fossil fuel The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, oil and natural gas, directed to ensure stable supply, such as mineral resources, it was undertaken in the development of new international resources strategy. Response to the fact that the environment surrounding the resources, such as tense situation in the Middle East has changed greatly, new suppliers of pioneering and resources diplomacy resources, Incorporating the importance of environment-related innovation, summarize the end of the year. The US amid show the movement runs counter to international framework flow decarbonisation like towards the formal withdrawal from PARIS agreement on the global warming, and part of the resource strategy to effectively utilize the carbon dioxide (CO) to. Petroleum, hammer out the diversification of procurement in the energy sector, such as natural gas. Japan is depends a lot of oil and natural gas in the Middle East production, increased imports of oil and liquefied natural gas from the geographically close Russia (LNG), the full-scale of the LNG imports from the United States that shale development progresses explore.

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