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Who it is was changed to terrorism sources in the Middle East? Three ...

Fossil fuel However, the Persian Gulf Arab countries for the United States, now still, it must not be forgotten that it is indispensable as a weapon market. For example, Saudi Arabia is 0 years, became the world's largest arms importer. 0 military intervention by began in the country in the years to neighboring Yemen, by a coalition of Arab, but it aims Yemen of armed groups [Houthis faction] and Saleh of former President faction the annihilation], these forces in Saudi Arabia It is adapted to fight back with missiles and rockets against. If the maximum of an emergency situation in Saudi Arabia is an oil importing country of Japan is Okire, the Japanese economy will suffer a serious impact. Originally, natural pearling and its Ueki, and in agriculture and fishing is the main industry, later-rich United Arab Emirates that the petroleum resources has grown in the background (UAE), the fourth largest in the world in arms imports . France is providing a naval base in the UAE in Abu Dhabi, it is also cause to advance the Louvre annex, but because there is a charm to the UAE as a weapon market.

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