Fossil fuel

Crude oil ensure, to loosen the Middle East ask is

Fossil fuel Half of the energy consumed in Japan relies on petroleum. Has been promoting energy conservation and the use of nuclear energy, but the constitution of petroleum ask of the Middle East is not suddenly to be changed. It provided when the import has become difficult in the Middle East crisis, what to do. By independent development, there is a limit to the enclosure] of Japan. The important thing is to develop a new oil field in cooperation with other countries, inflating the entire crude oil market. Then, by using more natural gas in the near Japan, it can reduce the dependence on oil, even a little. Issues of Japan Only increasing the number of independent development oil field, there is a fear that does not help in the event of an emergency. To the flexible oil acquisition through the market, there is a need to further hit the strategic move. Oil dependence is be reduced in the Russian natural gas. How build a relationship of trust with Russia is the key. When the next oil shock of the year, is out of the oil that has been imported to Japan was something from the Middle East.

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