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Resource nationalism

Fossil fuel The resource nationalism (resource nationalism), movement to try to manage the development of the resources that exist in their own country in their own country. Idea of ​​resource productivity countries themselves are strongly aware of the ownership, it has been likened to nationalism to focus on ethnic national land. table of contents history . Beginning . Exaltation . Confusion Major resource exporter Union footnote External link history Beginning After the Industrial Revolution, from dramatically resource utilization is increased and resources that exist in the colony often be managed developed by multinational companies of developed countries, in the colony achieve one after another independent, the country resources was growing movement to that of the country. In particular, the Soviet Union, which was nationalized in overthrew the Tsarist Russia that the development of the Baku oil fields of foreign capital has been done is a typical. The declaration of the permanent sovereignty of the rights to natural resources] in the United Nations [] has been issued in the year.

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